Animal Neglect Law

Neglecting (abandonment) or cruelty towards animals is not a new issue. Right from the Stone Age, animals have been neglected and treated with harsh cruelty. While human beings have an innate liking towards animals, some people, especially rich class individuals use animals as a piece of hobby. Many such individuals resort to animal hunting, shooting and related activities. What most of these individuals fail to understand is that even animals have a right to live. However, most of the organisations all over the world have imposed strict laws for punishing those who are responsible for animal neglecting and cruelty, similar with corporate investigations as there are punishment for hindering such an investigation.

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Animal neglect andor abandonment is a common form of animal cruelty where people fail to provide necessary care for animals in their custody. The neglected animal could be their pet animal, a farm animal or a member of wildlife. In case the neglect is not intentionally made, relevant authorities try to correct the same by informing the owner about the law. Generally, welfare agencies and legal systems are inclined to intervene in extreme cases of animal neglect so that owners of the animals abide by the law and offer necessary facilities and care to animals in their charge.

However, there are cases where owners of animals intentionally show cruelty and abandonment towards animals in their custody. Such people are liable to get punishment for their acts. Animal neglect could be intentional abuses or a failure to look after the animal. Either way, the person offending the law is punishable for the acts of animal cruelty. The punishment can vary greatly depending upon the severity and frequency of the crime committed by the culprit. Even so, the punishment is inevitable for the culprit for his inhuman actions.

Here it is important to understand the law to ascertain whether or not the owner of the animal is liable for punishment under the law for neglected animal. As per the law, the person in charge of the animal shall provide good quality, wholesome food and water. Likewise, the owner must provide adequate shelter and weather protection to all animals in his charge. In addition to this, animals should be administered veterinary care when needed. Above all, animals must be treated with love in a humanly manner. Animal owners who fail to adhere to all these points are supposed to be potential culprits and punishable under the law for neglecting animals.

Neglecting animal is a part of animal cruelty just like ignoring or hindering corporate investigations which is supposed to be an offense. Thankfully, it is now possible to punish those who not only exercise a cruel attitude towards animals, but also those who neglect animals. Many countries have enforced strict animal protection laws, and punishments are given to offenders found guilty of neglecting animals. With stern laws in place, animals can now move and live happily as they deserve the same. Even so, it is the responsibility of citizens of countries worldwide to identify and alert relevant organisations about culprits who are guilty of neglecting any animal so that the law is exercised sternly.